Dance for Gymnastics


Betty Okino

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Increased Posture & Poise

A large part of an athletes artistry score is not what they are doing, but how they are doing it, and how we step, stand, leap, jump and turn is all developed through basic Ballet.

Increased Musicality & Performance

Being able to interpret and move to the music, even if we're not a natural performer, increases our confidence and our score as an artistic gymnast.   

Increased Artistry & Score

Artistry is in the code and can make a huge difference when it comes to an athlete's score.  Having a firm  foundation in dance helps to insure the highest artistry score possible.

Dance Matters


As an Olympic Medalist, a former Professional Dancer and current member of the US National Coaching Staff responsible for Dance & Artistry, I can say I have a passion for dance. 

โ€‹After traveling the country and working with hundreds of athletes from Level 6 to Our Elite Olympians, the one common thing I saw in gym after gym was the lack of a dance foundation, which was resulting in unnecessary deductions for artistry. 

Not every gym can afford a dance instructor nor do they necessarily have the time for a dance class multiple times a week, and with that in mind, the Dance for Gymnastics brand was born. 

All of the courses offered here are designed and intended to be used as side stations, warm-ups, conditioning or cool-downs, so that they can be incorporated into what you are already doing as a coach or athlete.

Let the Journey Begin

Every journey towards our own unique greatness begins somewhere, and when it comes to gymnastics, we begin by creating a solid dance foundation. 

Why?  Because basic ballet and dance is the foundation for every leap, jump and turn that we will ever do in the sport.  I'm so glad you're here, let's get started!  

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